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Review: Micro Touch Switchblade

This post is a review of the MicroTouch Switchblade. Since this is a PR-friendly blog that does product reviews, The Switchblade was sent to me by PR rep of the company for a review. I want to thank Sylvie for sending this to me after first reviewing the ONE Razor — thanks! 

Microtouch Switchblade Review from Knoxesque

Microtouch Switchblade Review from Knoxesque

The MicroTouch Switchblade is essentially a multi-purpose trimmer that has both a mini-shaver for trimming and a standard-sized shaver for larger jobs. The package you’d buy on their site comes with a whole kit of miscellaneous stuff, but the retail version you’d buy somewhere else, like on Amazon, comes with some plastic snap-on attachments to vary the length of hair you’re trimming.

The claim of being gentle on sensitive skin from head to toe and the ability to “remove hair anywhere” screams of trimming pubes. The design of the Switchblade is actually perfect for that, but if you’re like me, you have a huge problem with this type of crossover.

The Switchblade is nice and cheap, and it does the job. I like the various clip-ons because they’re great for trimming a beard & mustache without turning everything into a choppy mess. It really helped out in November, especially to clean up the absolute NAST that is neck hair. Another nice thing about the Switchblade is the smaller trimmer is perfect for nose hair trimming, but again, you may hate this level of crossover. Your call.

Like any product, the Switchblade isn’t without it’s negatives. For one, it comes with a stupid little light built into the device. I’d say “good hustle” to MicroTouch for it, but the spotlight is completely worthless and has a better chance of momentarily blinding you than helping at all. The biggest CON / negative in the way I see things is the use of batteries. I’ll concede that my batteries haven’t died yet, which is ok, I guess, but it’s still a cheap idea. The Switchblade is only $20, so I shouldn’t expect too much.

All in all, it could serve as a last minute gift. It could also be a funny white elephant gift in a group of ladies. I wouldn’t run out and buy this myself, but it IS nice to have around.

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MicroTouch ONE Razor Review

I admit it, shaving with a real razor scares the piss out of me. I shave with a Braun electric razor/shaver 360 days a year — the other few days are with real razors and each one of those days reminds me why I use a Braun.

Every fall, I’m subtly demeaned for not using real razors by things like Movember / No-Shave November and companies like the Dollar Shave Club. I just won’t have it! I just wouldn’t have it … until recently when a rep from MicroTouch ONE Razor reached out to me and asked me to give it a shot.

I said OK and almost MicroTouch One Razor Reviewimmediately received the razor, which I was excited about until I had to write the review, which obviously meant I had to use it. In case you don’t know, the MicroTouch ONE Razor comes with actual razor blades … guys, straight razors come with REAL razor blades! Hell no. Not for me. The PR rep has actually reached out to me a few times to make sure I got the product and wanting to know when I’d put up an article. Sorry about that, Syl!

Well, I finally grew the pair necessary for me to actually try the razor. I lathered up, probably overdoing this job, and started. It was similar to cliff diving or repelling after rock climbing, the very first step is the hardest to make; the first stroke was so hard! After the first stroke, which went just fine, the rest was, as they say, cake. I had a near-perfect shave. It was only near perfect because I kept the razor to my jawline while I sneezed. In case you didn’t know or couldn’t have assumed this on your own, sneezing with a razor held against your face is a bad idea and you’ll almost surely cut yourself. I slightly nicked by jaw. Aside from that little blip of stupidity, it was great. After I finished, I pretty much slammed my hand on the counter and shouted, “I’m so damn manly!”

MicroTouch One Razor Review by Nate KnoxFor only $20, the MicroTouch ONE Razor provides a great shave. I would much prefer using this over a standard Gillette razor with who-knows-how-many blades they include these days. Not only does it come with the razor, which is damn nice looking, it comes with a case and 12 razors. If you’re like me and don’t have to fully shave often, this is going to last you a while. Beyond that, razors are cheap. The only thing you may be worried about cost-wise is investing in other fancy products, like nice soups & creams.

All in all, it’s a great deal and I’d recommend it to anyone, especially if you’re in need of a cheap, but great gift idea.


November 11, 2013 · 12:23 pm

Product Preview: Yummy Tea

I’m sitting in my kitchen right now with an awful crick (sp?) in my neck, trying to relax.

The stereotype is accurate: all Minnesotans play hockey.

However, not all of us do it regularly. I just got back inside from playing a bunch of hockey with some friends in the park rink in my backyard. It was fun, but my skates need to be sharpened BADLY!

So after thoroughly destroying my legs and burning my nostrils and lungs with the 3 degree air, I came inside to shower and veg out. I grabbed some of the tea that I received to review on here and “put the kettle on.”

I grabbed the Kashmiri Chai (as pictured) that Golden Moon Tea so kindly provided and I’m not on my second cup. This stuff is great! I’m eating pepper jack cheese cube with Wheat Thins as a snack also. The tea and this snack are hitting me just right.

Here’s what the site says about it, “Kashmiri Chai is an exotic, spiced loose leaf tea from the Himalayas of Northern India. Aromatic and warming, natives of India often comment that the authentic and delicious recipe reminds them of home. Serve with cream and honey for a rich treat.”

It is very warming and the spices are perfect…at least for my situation right now.

I am going to write a full product review for the oolong tea that I got in the mail soonish, but I just wanted to give Golden Moon props for such a quality tea. I’m honestly really, really enjoying it right now.


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Review: TheraPod Pro-Fit Earplugs by Acu-Life

I received a free set of these TheraPod Pro-Fit Earplugs from Acu-Life just before the Holidays to give a test run and review for them.

Here is a link to their site: TheraPod/Acu-Life Ear

Here is my honest review:

I work as a copywriter in a very loud office, so I was excited to give these earplugs a chance. Apparently I focus better when my surroundings are quite. Who knew?

After opening the box and reading the instructions (I didn’t want to do it wrong and lose my hearing forever…dramatic, I know) I mixed the two balls of goo together and stuff my ears with it.

At first, it was weird. Can you really blame me though, who enjoys sticking goo in their ears?  You’re supposed to keep the stuff if your ears for 10-15 minutes or so while it shapes to your ears — talk about custom ear plugs.

For me, this was the highlight of the product. Just about everything was cut off and I was alone with my thoughts. Really the only thing I could hear was my own breathing, which was bizarre. I felt like I should be in space.

After letting the goo form to my ears, I took the plugs out and put them in the little case that’s provided in the package and I went to bed.

The next morning, and few days after that, I tried wearing them at work. Remember, noise and writing jobs aren’t the best of friends. But every time I tried, it was tough to fit the plugs into my ears again comfortably. Despite being formed to my ears, they were now stiff and were not all that comfortable. While trying to shove and maneuver them into my ears, little white and turquoise chunks kept falling off of the plugs and were getting lodged under my fingernails. After wearing them, uncomfortably, for a little while, I took them out and put them away and went back to the free white noise website I regularly use.

I may or may not have done something wrong, but the best part for me was the formation part. After that it was a downhill slope.

I’m bummed that I have to write a negative review for a product provided free of charge, but I’m not the type of person to just write only happy things. I do wish they would have worked out in my favor, but I guess some things just don’t jive with me.

(Also, I finally received that golden moon oolong tea, a review will be up after I try all of the samples and get around to writing it.)


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Snow, sickness and Starbucks

Story: The black radio alarm clock promptly clicked on at 7 this morning, playing 4 seconds of something on the best radio station in the country – if not the country, then at least Minnesota – 89.3 The Current. I’ve developed quite a talent for slapping the sleep button before waking up enough to actually get out of bed; again, only 4 seconds of whatever The Current was playing. By now, based on my alarm clock, I should be an all-star Slap Jack, Spoons and Grab-The-Coin-From-The-Palm-Of-My-Hand player.

After slapping the sleep button, I rolled over on my right side (the side facing the window [my right side because I haven’t been able to sleep on my left side very often because it hurts my shoulder for some reason…?]) and noticed more white than I usually do. So, naturally, I shot up like some cartoon zombie or Frankenstein, with my arms outstretched and everything, to look out the window.


Photo 97

Snow! Everywhere! (A shot of my deck and park… I didn’t take this while in bed)

I immediately collapsed into bed and pulled the covers over my head.


A person should never get up on time when it legitimately snows for the first time of the year. The other day doesn’t count compared to this. Refer to the last few posts to see a picture to compare the amounts of snow.

After looking three more times out the window to make sure it was actually real and not a dream or some mean joke, I saw something … something awesome!


There were three foxes playing around in the snow in my backyard. I should have taken a photo, but I wasn’t in the right mindset. It was really cute and fun though; a time of being too giddy too early.

So I’m sitting here typing, twittering and job searching with a cup of coffee that’s pretty awful. I didn’t feel like straight black stuff this morning, so I added in some french vanilla Coffee-Mate… I put too much in and now it’s gross.

Speaking of coffee –

Starbucks Via Ready Brew. I was given free samples of this, I said I’d review it and it’s time to do it.

Before I poured the little packet into a mug of hot water, I was very, VERY skeptical about it. It’s instant coffee! Instant coffee is NEVER good. Just because Starbucks writes a name that sounds better, doesn’t change the fact that it’s instant coffee.

Well, I tried a cup… a few cups.

It tastes like REAL coffee! It tastes like the actual coffee you buy inside a real Starbucks store. I drank it straight and didn’t pollute it at all to ensure accurate flavor. It was good. If it didn’t cost so much I would actually consider buying it myself. But I looked up the pricing and how much you get and decided it’s not worth it.

It averages out to be $1 per cup.

That’s ridiculous to me. A buck for one cup of regular black coffee. Nooooo thank you, Starbucks. You won’t win me over with that price, regardless of how you’ve magically made instant coffee taste like the real thing.

I do like the name though. Via. Good name. It’s short. It’s snappy. It’s memorable. Props, Starbucks.


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