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Review: Micro Touch Switchblade

This post is a review of the MicroTouch Switchblade. Since this is a PR-friendly blog that does product reviews, The Switchblade was sent to me by PR rep of the company for a review. I want to thank Sylvie for sending this to me after first reviewing the ONE Razor — thanks! 

Microtouch Switchblade Review from Knoxesque

Microtouch Switchblade Review from Knoxesque

The MicroTouch Switchblade is essentially a multi-purpose trimmer that has both a mini-shaver for trimming and a standard-sized shaver for larger jobs. The package you’d buy on their site comes with a whole kit of miscellaneous stuff, but the retail version you’d buy somewhere else, like on Amazon, comes with some plastic snap-on attachments to vary the length of hair you’re trimming.

The claim of being gentle on sensitive skin from head to toe and the ability to “remove hair anywhere” screams of trimming pubes. The design of the Switchblade is actually perfect for that, but if you’re like me, you have a huge problem with this type of crossover.

The Switchblade is nice and cheap, and it does the job. I like the various clip-ons because they’re great for trimming a beard & mustache without turning everything into a choppy mess. It really helped out in November, especially to clean up the absolute NAST that is neck hair. Another nice thing about the Switchblade is the smaller trimmer is perfect for nose hair trimming, but again, you may hate this level of crossover. Your call.

Like any product, the Switchblade isn’t without it’s negatives. For one, it comes with a stupid little light built into the device. I’d say “good hustle” to MicroTouch for it, but the spotlight is completely worthless and has a better chance of momentarily blinding you than helping at all. The biggest CON / negative in the way I see things is the use of batteries. I’ll concede that my batteries haven’t died yet, which is ok, I guess, but it’s still a cheap idea. The Switchblade is only $20, so I shouldn’t expect too much.

All in all, it could serve as a last minute gift. It could also be a funny white elephant gift in a group of ladies. I wouldn’t run out and buy this myself, but it IS nice to have around.

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Photos: My Last Few Months

If a picture is worth 10,000 words, then please appreciate this post.
Also, please notice the large number of work-related posts. I hope my team doesn’t believe 75-hour weeks are the norm for Nate Knox. They are not.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Is that too much work? Not enough scones? Guns? Blowup dolls? Drinks? Beautiful Wifey?

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Today, My Favorite Thing Is…

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Instead of writing about all of the things I’m thankful for this year (Sarah, a good taste of music, snowboots, spa masks) — trust me, the list would be exhausting — or a post on all the things I can complain about (Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving, poorly written movies, politics, the show Glee) — this list, too, would force a nap on us — I decided to snap some pictures around my house. The pictures are of my favorite things. More precisely, my favorite things lately that will sure change probably quite soon.

Before starting I wanted to say that I’m listening to Xavier Rudd’s White Moth album and drinking some delicious coffee… the scene is quite perfect. I almost used the word “java” just now, but really, I’m not THAT guy. I am That guy in most situations, just not this one.

…Moving on…

This is our fireplace mantel. Take a minute to notice the details…

Though it’s a functional fireplace, we don’t bother with burning actual wood. It’s a fireplace, so why not burn wood? Several reasons: 1) It costs about $7 for a bundle of good wood. 2) You meed to open the smoke gate to burn wood, which lets creates a draft in the rest of the house, dropping the temperature regardless of the fire. 3) The fireplace hasn’t been used in a few years and we’d probably need to call some sort of fireplace inspection guy (if they still exist) to check it out and give us the Thumbs Up. 4) Using candles is cheaper. 5) Candles create a nice ambiance. 6) It’s quirky and kicks the ass of an electric fireplace. 7) Ok, I’m done. If you have a problem with our idea…I hope you slip on some ice and fall in public. Burn.

Ignoring the cheesy piece of wood hanging on the brick, the details are nice. There are antique-esque picture frames of some of our favorite pictures together. There is also a reindeer thing that I got for Sarah.

Moving down the picture, you see a small boxes on either side of the fireplace. The one on the left is a coaster box….crafted as an old western saloon!


During my last contract, my team did a lot of shuffling around and desk hopping. I landed at the desk of some guy who didn’t bother to clean up after himself after he quit. While going through his drawers and throwing everything he left there in the garbage, I found this little treasure. I laughed and brought it home when my contract ended. We already needed coasters downstairs, coasters we didn’t take from a pub in Oregon (though we still use them), and I happened to come across a coaster set with some silliness to it.
So… it sits on our mantel for use.

On the other side of our fireplace, you’ll see the pipe box. If you were at our wedding, or heard about our wedding, you’ll know we had a pipe smoking station outside. I’m sure I could find a picture, but I don’t feel like looking. The box holds the few leftover pipes, lighters and the leftover tobacco. I think the flavors are Vanilla and Amaretto. I could get up and look, but why would I do that?

See the picture below….

Now go about your day feeling sorry for yourself because you don’t have the nice atmosphere that I do.



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