The First Day

Congratulate me.

(If I were a journalist, I’d consider that one hell of a lead/lede).

In case you haven’t heard yet, I was offered a job recently. I accepted that job.

I’m now the Digital Market/Customer Engagement Specialist for a company called Hearing Components. We make and sell, as the name suggests, hearing components. Our brand, Comply Foam, is used on hearing aid, earphones and anything involving in-ear hearing devices. If there’s a foam tip, we probably made it.

They created my position to take them from a successful company to a successful company. Notice the bold.
A ridiculous amount of ideas are already bouncing around and plans are being made. It’s going to be fun.

It was my first day today and, because of the snow, I was late. I finally got in the office around 10:30. After a couple hours of meetings (information-overloading on products, ideas, etc) my boss sent me home at 2. I’d call that a good first day.

Here’s a picture of part of the table I was looking at with during a meeting:

Each one of those things is a different product.

Already we’re discussing and designing a new website. Go to comply’s website and see what it looks like now. It’s going to look SOOOOOOO much better in a couple of months…or weeks. I forget the timeline.

I’ll be taking home a TON of samples too, so if you want some earphones or comfy earbuds, let me know.




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3 responses to “The First Day

  1. knoxn

    Thanks, Steph!
    I’m really excited to get things going

  2. Joe Whitson


    There has to be a more efficient way.

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