Blogs are soon going to suck worse

Christmas came and went two days ago. With the Autobiography of Mark hitting shelves just in time for Christmas, and a backstory that SHOULD be a publicists wet dream, I’m assuming that this big ass book was dropped beneath many-o-tree this year.

I’m assuming this not just because I bought it for two people, but because it was instantly a best seller across the country.  Plus, it didn’t help when I spoke with a handful of people who bought it as a present for the people in their lives who “likes books.”

After watching Lost was 10 hours yesterday, Sarah and I spent a bit of time reading before conking out. She maybe read a few pages, but giggled and read me portions the entire time. I liked the parts she read, but while she was going through it, telling me about Mark Twain’s daughter writing a biography about him, I realized something…

THIS book is going to make EVERY person think they can a biography. This book will make EVERYONE think they should write an autobiography. It’s a painful idea that I hope won’t happen…but…That’s my prediction. In a few months, people will put the book down (and probably never pick it up again) and think to themselves, “I can do this!” They’ll start writing, blog about it, find a funny anecdote, blog about it, realize their life is nothing worth writing about, blog about it, quit writing, blog about it, and have a satisfying sneeze one day.

In case you haven’t caught on yet, I have nothing to say…

Except that the book is out and people are going to try. Blogs are soon going to suck worse.


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