A Snow-Struck Minnesota

Yesterday morning, while I was still in bed, Sarah threw our blackout curtains open.

Through the window, I see this:

I had been doubting that it would actually snow, even more so that the alleged snow would actually stick. I spent the night dreaming of the different options I’d see in the morning, ranging from heat to feet of snow. So when Sarah got out of bed to open the curtains, I was awake and waiting — expectantly — to see what it looked like outside.

“Oh my God, look at all of that snow!” Following my shout, I started giggling at the snow. 30 hours later, my giggling is starting to finally subside.

On November 13, we had our first snow in Minnesota. Unlike other first snows, this one has stuck and likely will until Spring, unless a warm front that I don’t know about is on its way.

It’s going to be a long winter.

I need a pair of boots.


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