Weather windgasm


A piece of my childhood died yesterday.

For those of you in the area, you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who are scattered around the world, say, in Africa, Minnesota experienced a major weather geek phenomenon – wind. Lots of wind.

I have the exact terms wrong here I’m sure, but yesterday Minnesota witnessed the lowest barometric pressure (or change in that) ever. Remember the truly epic winter storm of 93? The one that gave us FEET of snow? I do! It was a dream come true for a boy that age. Well, yesterday’s “storm” was a greater drop in pressure than that ’93 storm. Weather geeks around Twitter referred to it a few ways, such as weathergasm, windgasm, etc.

I wouldn’t go as far to say it was a storm, it was just really windy. It barely rained. It might have thundered three times throughout the day and that’s it. Granted, Xcel Energy said more than 30,000 people around the Twin Cities area had their power knocked out. I did see some – only some – damage around town resulting from the storm, too, but nothing major.


Remember I said a part of my childhood died? Yeah. The MAJOR damage that convinces me that yesterday’s occurrence was actually a “storm” is shown in the pictures below:

See what it is yet?

The Willow Tree. MY Willow Tree!

I spent countless hours climbing that, hiding in it, mowing around it, raking its damn leaves (SO MANY LEAVES!) and staring out the window at the park with this glorious tree in the scene.

That’s one big ass tree and it’s all over the neighbor’s fence. Bummer.

I didn’t crawl around underneath the tree to check out the fence, but needless to say, it’s screwed.

That tree, an icon of who I used to be, is gone. Now my parents’ back yard will get even bigger. My dad sees it as a bittersweet situation; it’s a good tree, but a major pain in the ass to clean up after. *Major pain in the ass**salute*
Aside from a few random branches in random places, this is the only actual evidence I’ve seen to say there was an actual storm. Wait… I take that back. One more thing… a glass door at Southdale blew out of its frame and shattered in an entrance way. A security guard was holding the door open for people as they came and went. Yeah, a mall cop actually helping people. Weird.



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9 responses to “Weather windgasm

  1. Yesterday in Minnesota was nuts (for lack of words), but I had no idea that we encountered the lowest barometric pressure ever. Very interesting!

    Sorry to hear about your Willow tree!

  2. Auntie Gabel

    I remember that tree well. Breaks my heart as I’m sure it does your whole family, but the memories will stay in your mind and heart. You are a great writer Natie – maybe you should try New York!

  3. Jane Grevstad

    Hey Nate,
    Didn’t know that tree meant so much to you now that it is in our yard.
    It was a graceful tree and even though it messed up our yard from time to time it was the first tree that budded in the Spring and we all looked forward to that after a long winter. Will pass the blog onto Andy and Carl as I think they also have fond memories of ole Will.

  4. Marj Grevstad

    Hi Knoxesque,

    This is such a great write up that people in Winnipeg are reading it. My condolences to you for the loss of your tree and to Jane and Clif for the loss of their fence. We have had amazing winds here since Monday afternoon and broke a record for low barometric pressure. The wind is still blowing! Keep up the great work blogging and say hi to your mom.

  5. CG Grevstad

    Yikes! I had no idea. I guess it just goes to show how old that tree really was. It always seemed so strong when we were young, grabbing a handful of the hanging, vine-like branches and swinging back and forth from it. It was a neighborhood landmark.

    Hey, at least Ole’ Will went out with a BANG! – right on my dad’s fence. Nice job reporting on it Nate, you have a new fan.

  6. knoxn

    Holy cow! The Grevstads found this blog. Consider my mind blown. Thanks for the comments. It’s nice hearing from all of you. I hope everyone is well.

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