A W/Rap

I live with two ladies and one is almost 85. My life is a constant stream of lame sitcom jokes that keep me laughing most of the time. More on that later though.

Consider this a burn post. It’s of no significance and any professional would frown at this. I have no point or purpose, no puns, no pin-pricking criticism, no problems with anything, no profound psalm or anthem and certainly no paint; paint doesn’t belong here.


I’m at Allen, still, and things are going well. I say still because it’s been a long contract. It’s been a contract that was supposed to convert into employment and hasn’t hit that milestone yet. It hasn’t reached that yet, if it will at all. I’m more or less hounding my boss to talk about it and she is more or less crazy busy.

“I’m not ignoring you.”

I’ve heard her say that on the way to meetings three or four times now. As a result, despite staying as long as possible, I’m casually looking for something else. A marketing or a PR agency would suit me the best, but I’m looking at everything.

On that note, I’ll be spending a day at Fast Horse in November. On the fifth, the day before my birthday, I take the position as “Intern-For-The-Day” there and will work on…. well, I’m not entirely sure yet. I hope multiple projects and with multiple people. I’ve said it before in an old post, or three, that I’d love to jump on board with Fast Horse. The people there are awesome, the culture fits my style, the approach to clients really hits home with me and they have some really great clients.

I still enjoy my job and love the experience I’m gaining from it. I like the fact that I work with Motorola’s Marketing team. I love that I help mold how phones are marketed internally, and in turn, externally. It gets annoying sometimes, but I love managing projects in the U.S. market and even globally.

Writing for, and managing, global projects is tough. There are quirks in the writing that I’m not used to. For instance, “favourite” vs. “favorite.” Or “customize” vs. “customise.” Then there’s the whole time difference. It doesn’t happen often, but I occasionally have to go in early to catch a conference call at a convenient time for Europe. Other times – most of the time, really – the folks in Europe have to stay later to talk to my team.

All in all, work is work and I won’t settle for anything less than what I want.


This spring and summer, the Twin Cities was infested with earwigs. My mom was actually interviewed for a story that appeared on the front page of the Star Tribune. This fall, it appears that everyone is trying to fend off a new pest – the mouse. I never thought it would be a real problem – come on, who deals with mice?! – but here we are, in real life. Mice are overrunning the subs and city. The Current even laughed about it today on-air. Jill, a DJ, read an email saying that peppermint tea tree oil makes the mice stay away. I’m not sure if that’s true, that’s just what she read.

Project: Fiction

This past weekend was Awe-Quite-A-Bit! Aside from plenty-o time with some really great friends, I met with Micah about a project we’re launching. The project, which will include this social media and a Twitter account – and others down the road, hopefully – is about to be launched. We’re going to build it up some before we make real announcements though. It’s simply exciting.

More on this later.


From posts past, you may know I’m trucking along in the Wheel of Time series. In the last post about it, I was reading the Dragon Reborn, I think. That is the third book. Now, I’m on the sixth, Lord of Chaos. I’m about 80 pages in to the small-text-sized +1000 pager. Book six of 14. Book 13 is being released in November. I feel like I’m never going to finish the series, but for starting it in May, I feel, at the same time, hopeful that I will – eventually.

Through a deal between Audible and Hulu, I’ve downloaded Book 6 and Book 7 as audiobooks. To get through the series a tad more quickly, I’m both reading and listening to the books. It’s changed traffic from an annoyance to quite a pleasant time.

I’m even trying to squeeze in some listening time at work when I’m working on mindless things. I like it. I may be researching phone specifications for an external comparison chart between a Motorola phone, the iPhone and a handful of others, like the BlackBerry Torch, but I’m mentally in an exciting world.


Most definitely.

Deal with it.


I want to think about lunch with Salt and Vinegar Kettle Chips.



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3 responses to “A W/Rap

  1. Joe

    I read the post about you on the Fast Horse Blog. Congratulations on being the best.

    Not that I expected anything less.

  2. knoxn

    Haha, thanks, brother-in-law

  3. you never got back to your 85 yr old roommate…

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