Here is a small collection of pictures that captures a bit of the wedding and honeymoon…

This first picture is a preview of my brother’s work. Visit his Facebook page here – Knox Photography

After that, I’m dying to see the rest!

And now, some randoms…

This is us (obviously) sitting outside of the Pelican Pub & Brewery. The Pelican was less than 100 feet away from our hotel room door and has fantastic food (especially incredible Rubens and chili) and even more fantastic beer. It’s a cool place!

This is a shot of me holding my favorite Pelican beer (MacPelicans Scottish Style Ale). This is us sitting on the edge of their patio. Sitting on their patio with beer, each other and cards was one of the most relaxing things ever!

CARDS! We played hours and hours of Gin Rummy.

Me on the beach taking a break from cards.

Sarah. We’re horrible tourists…taking pictures of each other.

We had a friend for a little while until I threw something at him and he took off to chase a kite.

Best morning. We spent about 3 hours playing cards, listening to music and drinking mimosas.

Me and the Haystack. I like this picture.

That’s my hair before showering and after a 2 hour bike ride. No, that’s not hair product.

After moving to Black Butte Ranch for the second part of out honeymoon… this is a view out one window

This is a view out of another window.

Sarah enjoying a creek we passed on our bike ride. She has to sit down to be able to enjoy things – something she had to tell me many times in Oregon.

While hiking up Black Butte, we paused to snap this…

Sometime later, some kind tourists took our picture on the top.
Note: this is one of a small handful of picture with BOTH of us in the same shot.

We had an amazing time!
I wanted to explore and play in tidepools more, but Sarah has an addiction to safety. I have no problem with that.

Last, but the nearly the least, a picture of us dancing at the wedding…



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