Snap shot

May’s been a looong and really awesome month.

I landed a job at Allen Interactions as a (contracted) writer/project manager after being referred by the my almost-sorta-relative who is also named Nate. It was cool, I’ll have to tell the story sometime.

For now, I’m fried and going to bed at 9:30.

It’s Sarah’s birthday weekend — she turns 23 tomorrow — Happy birthday, Fiance! — and we’ve been BUSY!

We saw Robin Hood (really good), we went to Skateville, we went to the Zoo (pics to come), we ate too much at Kincaids and too much more. Tomorrow, we’re going to the saints game after I have another interview for more of a long-term job. We’ll see how this 2nd time in goes… The first round went really well and the people there seem pretty awesome, so I’d like to hear a job offer. The only negative point is that I’d be giving up this handsome job now for a less noteworthy position and tremendously less pay…. but it would be a career move for the future.

We’ll see, we’ll see.

I’m also making a video resume for another agency I’ve been in touch with about a newly opened position. That freaks me out because my confidence in the video area is quite lacking.

Oh well.




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