The Third of May

It’s the third day of what will be a long and interesting month.

I’m sitting here in my empty kitchen with a cup of coffee and some scrambled eggs sprinkled with salt, pepper and smokey Tabasco sauce — it’s a nice situation.  I’m day-dreaming of a banjo on my lap while I stare out the window at deep purple lilacs and some crows bullying some smaller birds.

It’s May.

When people do something, they have stupid need to name it something stupid. Most of the time it’s an alliteration or acronym, but if you’re lucky, you’ll hear a really awful metaphor or pun.

Every now and then, however, you might get lucky — you might see a name that tells exactly what the event is and what it means. These events are mostly cancer walks or other benefits.

The month of May, for my fiance and I, is “May: no booze or media.” That’s not our actual label, but it encompasses what we’re doing.

As an experimental month, Experimental May, if you will, we have cut out every drop of alcohol and every unnecessary form of media. The booze prohibition is straightforward; the media strike includes: tv, videogames, movies (with a couple exceptions for particular films being released this month), watching stuff online, etc.

“But you’re blogging right now, Nate.” Well, that doesn’t count. I can’t cut out things I need, like job searching, email and ways to connect with local professionals (i.e. twitter, blogging, etc).


We’re doing this for a few reasons, which are summed as such:

  • I love alcohol
  • I waste A LOT of time

I proposed the idea to my Dreamgirl, and with a “Hell yeah!” she joined my month long fast.

Today is the third of May and we’re already enjoying what we’re going through together. Seeing as May began on a weekend, and we drink and watch a lot of tv/movies on the weekend, we hit the ground running — sort of.

We were completely at a loss for a bit.


We were productive! We did things together and figured some Married Couple things out…. Our livings situation will be interesting…. We talked.

My fiance rocks!

So that’s this month… no booze, no media — productivity and growing closer.

(lots of job hunting too)



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3 responses to “The Third of May

  1. You make it sound like we were boozers! We don’t drink A LOT, we just enjoy a glass of whiskey with our movie or a beer with our burger. Normal stuff.

    I love you.

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