Why Should I Hire You?

“Uhhhhhh” Is Not the Right Answer!

It’s #HAPPO day and all of us job-seekers should have answered this question, at least partially, in some way, shape or form. I’m assuming everyone is taking a different approach to how they answer the question and I’m curious to see how they went about it:

  • Press release?
  • Profile?
  • Scavenger hunt?!
  • Video?
  • Song?
  • Radio commercial?
  • …Something else?

Last #happo round, I essentially refused to directly answer the question. Here is one of the posts I threw up for the event: link here.

This time around, I’m taking a different approach.

… Keep Reading …

I’m going to show you a presentation I made back in November. It’s an “employment proposal” that I made for a swanky marketing agency with some huge name clients, which obviously didn’t turn out. [When you’re a recent grad with little experience, you don’t match up very well to a qualified candidate with four years of real experience, regardless of how awesome you are… at least that was the case with this agency.]

Except for the statistics (which have increased a lot since then) and employment information (I’m not employed right now), everything is factual and true.

Check out the PDF for the presentation by clicking here – Employment Proposal[1] – I liked it more in PowerPoint because I added some neat effects which are lost in the PDF. Bummer.

So What?

In that presentation, I give multiple answers to the question, “Why should I hire you?” If you still aren’t convinced, I’d love to discuss it with you face-to-face. No, that is not a threat. That’s an invitation to invite me in; a chance for you to give me the opportunity to interview at your agency.

In an interview, I will address ideas listed in my Employment Proposal and expound on some things I’m proud of… things like the client accounts I’ve worked on, including:

  • BASF – I wrote two byline articles that were published in trade magazines
  • Jim Beam – media relations, etc
  • National Marrow Donor Program & Be The Match – writing press releases, researching, writing newsletter material, putting together media packets, media relations, etc
  • United Healthcare – miscellaneous writing projects. etc
  • other clients include: JLG, Rockwell Automation, etc… even researching for a new business RFP.

One idea I’m proud of involves the short-term contract I had with FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters business. At FindLaw, I was a copywriter and in the few months I worked there, I wrote more than 400 pages of SEO optimized content for clients nationwide.

You should hire me because I have a proven background of showing initiative with my experience. I’ve worked hard on achieving the next level. If I work this hard on myself, I will work that hard (and harder) at your agency and on our clients. I don’t need mammoth brands (although they would be nice), I need clients and stories that I believe in and boast to both the media and my friends. If I’m passionate for my clients and telling their stories, those accounts have no choice but to be successful.

What Next?

That’s a silly question. You should contact me for an interview!

Also, in case you want it, there is much more if you search #happo in the bar up on the right.


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