Lightning = SO AWESOME!

I think things are awesome.

Things like:

  • robots
  • Corvettes
  • mazes (sometimes)
  • words (most of them)
  • baseball
  • guitars (most musical things)

And of course, as the title states, LIGHTNING.

There was a big thunderstorm a couple of weeks ago that caused quite a bit of ruckus. I was nicely asleep when something blew up.

As if in a bad movie, I snorted and stiffly sat up in my bed at the sound.

“Holy *expletive*! Something just blew up!”

I looked out my window to see the dimly lit park. Nothing was different.

“Something blew up! Where’s the fire and chaos”

(I honest believed something had blown up outside my house, maybe through the woods.)

I see lightning in the distance.

“Oh. Lightning. That makes sense; life isn’t really that cool.”

I fall back to sleep.

Several days later my dad asks me if I saw the tree.

I said no.

He said, “It’s cool! Come outside!”

He shows me the cause of that explosion sound a few nights before… Lightning had struck our tree…

… sort of… It didn’t strike it, but it curled down the tree.

When you stand beneath the tree, you can see it going all the way up to the top of the tree. It curled all the way down the tree without tearing off any branches.


I remember watching nature shows on PBS (like Nova) and being fascinated with storms. At one point, I thought I wanted to be a storm chaser “when I grew up.”

Then one day, during a tornado watch that nearly bent the trees at 90 degree angles and turned the sky green, I thought, “I’m too much of a scaredy cat to chase storms!”

The dream died that day.

I still think lightning is awesome – consider the tree in my yard – but I’m still too scared to chase a storm like the pros.

That’s my story.


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