Winter and the Fleet Foxes

(It’s Guest Blogger Week here on KNOX-esque. Today’s post is by Joe W. “The Curiosities of a College Kid”)

It is a generally accepted truth that music affects your judgment. For instance, if I decide to listen to a folksy, whimsical band like the Fleet Foxes (which happens distressingly often), the entire world around me shifts from its usual self to a more romanticized version of itself. I find that this is generally a good thing, especially when walking outside in the winter. I can walk out my door, pop in my headphones, turn on the Fleet Foxes and suddenly everything changed. The biting cold becomes a pleasant reminder of your vivacity, the smell of mud and slush mixed with whatever is coming up from the storm sewer becomes a the first signs that spring is on its way, and you find that you wouldn’t trade the eighteen inches of melting, grayish snow for the finest beaches of Cancun.

Although the Fleet Foxes have allowed you to see the fairly dismal winter world as wonderland calling you to explore it, they have also created a world fraught with unexpected dangers. So, while playing Shackleton, keep these tips and warnings in mind:

  1. Although that little squirrel drinking from the snow runoff may be the cutest thing you’ve ever seen, rabies is more trouble than it’s worth.
  2. If the hippie feel of the Fleet Foxes makes you want to stick it to the government for oppressing your rights, remember that that “Thin Ice” sign was put up by your neighborhood association and not the Feds.
  3. Yes, the sky is blue and yes, the snow sure looks soft. However, the snow is a foot and a half deep and you’re maybe a foot from back to belly. Six inches of snow is cold on your face, not to mention is obscures your view of the sky.
  4. I know that those sparrows are sure having fun playing on that barely frozen creek, but you only brought home one pair of shoes.
  5. When that tingling in your fingers and toes turns to numbness, it does not mean that you’ve finally become immune to cold of winter. Go inside.

So, enjoy the euphoria of music as you suffer through the next two months of winter, but please remember to listen in moderation.

-Joe Whitson


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