It’s special and fun

Despite what my back and neck are telling me, I’m very excited right now.


  • I just finished writing the first section of my screenplay. You didn’t know I’m writing a script? Well, it’s happening and now with this first section done, I can move on to the six (6) sections I have already planned out. Actually doing this, finally, is thrilling!
  • I made connections with several local agencies lately. Remember that #HAPPO.MN post (other #happo posts too), and other job posts, I threw up the other day? Yeah, I got a TON of attention as a result of those and caught the eye of some really great people. I was voted (one of the) most creative in MN. Cool, eh? Oh, Twitter, you apparently are worth my time after all.
  • I am engaged to an amazing woman. She’s an auctioneer too. How cool is that?
  • The USA vs Canada hockey game is on soon. (edit: we won!)
  • It’s Guest Blogger week this week. I am going on a hiatus of sorts from blogging and five superawesome (yep, one word) people have volunteered to take over my blog for the whole week. A new person’s post every day. It’ll be fun to see what they write about.

Worth excitement? I think so.

I’m now going to engage some of those folks from the other day. I need something creative. Something great. Something iconic. If you have ideas for me, email me ASAP!


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