So most people dream of falling, bears or big hands, right?

I do too — normally.

However, I had a dream about this and spent the following day half obsessing over the idea.
I had to make it.
So here is a resume made into a word search puzzle for #happo

(Edit: The image didn’t show up, so I believe this link is the pdf:) word search Resume

Here’s the link to the Google Docs file.

I see employers say, “creativity is huge to us” – “we really value creativity” – “we notice the creativity in specific applicants” on a regular basis. Blogs and Twitter are a dangerous thing to employers too, not just those looking for a job. I’ve taken notice — and notes — of employers who say these things and reject the applicant. Sure, they may appreciate the creativity, but in the end, be honest, the creative person is consistently left in the dark.

There’s always a better person.

I’ve come to accept with that.

Nonetheless, I made that resume. I made it for two reasons: 1) to send to “That” employer. 2) To appease my own ego yearning to be just an ounce larger. I’ve yet to show any potential employer, but the ego option has grown more than an ounce.

Sure, people may be confident. But if they don’t think highly of themselves, it’s no more than a heavy front; their confidence is lacking. I only need someone to point me in the right direction, if even necessary, and I deliver. It’s not because I know everything, I really, really don’t. I just know my limits and enjoy learning. I enjoy building myself up.

I enjoy using myself to build others up.


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