I am: Not-My-Job

I am many things.

Most recently, I’ve added another thing to an extensive list — engaged.

Nate Knox is now, somehow, someone’s fiancé. Sarah Whitson’s fiancé to be more specific.

<—- This gorgeous gal’s fiancé.

On the list of many things of which I am — awesome, quirky, creative, a Christian, imaginative, a writer (of sorts), calm, in love, comfortable, confident, introspective, considerate, an INTJ — I am not My Job.

I refuse to be My Job. I enjoy my job. I enjoy having a job. I will, however, not BE my job. What if I go in to work tomorrow (Friday) and my boss gives me The Speech.

Nate, you've seen the queue and the emails going around.
Business is slow. Today's your last day at Thomson.

May I use you as a reference?


If I hear that speech tomorrow, or ever, my identity’s knees are taken out. What would I, Nate Knox, have left to be other than… Unemployed …?

No. Oh, no, I will not leave Unemployed as my only option. If I allow my identity to be wrapped up and fully-encompassed in My Job, I am no longer be who I am.

Subscribing to this ideal does not limit my work ethic or potential in a career. I understand the standards and requirements of a heavily-involved career. This includes an appreciation for working from home and overtime, but again, I separate myself — my identity — from the job I have.

But Nate, what if this idea comes up in an interview? What if they don’t like it and they won’t hire you because of it?

Then I don’t want to work for that company/agency/person…ever.

(Update: As of 4/02, I am unemployed. The story is funny and really annoying, I’ll tell you sometime if I run into you. I thought of this post and now there’s another #HAPPO coming up. Good timing?)


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