BEST. Breakfast. EVER!

Jensen’s in Burnsville in the “Heart of the City” is perhaps the best place to get breakfast in Minnesota. No, I take that back – perhaps – Jensen’s IS the best place.

At the very least, it’s my favorite. THE favorite breakfast spot for my lovely, Sarah, and I.

We took another adventure day yesterday and began with this awesomeness.

We order a combo with extra sides because it doesn’t make sense for both of us to get full meals. It may bother our server, but we won’t care.

We guzzle coffee the whole time and exclaim about the bacon and jam. This time, however, we discovered something GREAT. Our server, Sam, gave us the option of cheesy hashbrowns. Cheesy hashbrowns! This was the first time we were offered this…for $1 extra. Sarah jumped and kneed the table like something bit her.  So we got them.

They rock! Sam rocks for telling us about them. Sarah and I couldn’t stop talking about cheesy hashbrowns all day. They were/are THAT good.

So, I love Jensen’s and think everyone should go.

That’s all.



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2 responses to “BEST. Breakfast. EVER!

  1. Dude, I went there earlier in the month with some folks from church. I’ve lived in Eagan for over 4 years, and this was my first visit to Jensen’s. Totally worth it. Chicken Fried Steak: Tasty! Their version of country fried potatoes: awesomesauce! And the server was pretty great. A bunch of misanthropes who didn’t jive with the middle aged clientèle were given the same awesome level of service as everyone else. Abstract version of this post: Jensen’s equals= teh awesome.

  2. knoxn

    Seriously! It’s great!
    I’ve only had their breakfast, so it’s good to hear their other food is good too…not like I was doubting them or anything.

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