Favorite News of the Day

I read a lot of news. It’s sad, really.

But yesterday, and again today, I saw this little bitty. It’s a MN-local story that’s found national media attention. This Bush billboard is right off of 35 somewhere.

Apparently the story is shrouded in mystery and no one knows who is responsible.
I laughed my ass off.

Oh, George, you have no idea. You would never let Iran get this far, ignoring the worldwide hard ‘counsel’ to not enrich uranium and boost a nuclear program AND make statements saying they’re going to “Punch” Evils of the West and will inspire fear and awe.
And if it did, we wouldn’t make pretty speeches at them.
Oh well… Things are different now. I have to accept it.
I really would like to have been invited to the Beer Summit. Minus the professor, that would have been a good time.


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One response to “Favorite News of the Day

  1. Roger D

    Oh how we miss, going from the most respected nation on earth to the most hated – How we miss the German people taking to the streets in sympathy after 911, draping US flags out of every window in the largest ever recorded march on earth – to the largest anti USA protests across the world in history. Only one man could have achieved this in just 2 years – that good old fake Texan George!

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