Oh Yeah, Obama’s Speech!

Everyone was caught up in hype yesterday. 


With Apple’s iPad announcement, the world, especially Twitter, was tangled in the details and shouting. By the end of the day, people were tired. At least, I was tired.  I almost forgot about the State of the Union speech Obama was gong to give.

I only remembered because my girlfriend’s roommate (and grandma), Gloria, had Fox News blasting when I walked in to their place last night. It’s a good thing that speech was all over TV, I was NOT about to read about it or follow the news on Twitter.

I listened and sort of watched. I was annoyed by Biden’s boyish giddiness and eagerness for clapping. Ugh, so much clapping!

Obama said a lot as usual.
Sooooo today I dug into the news to find FACTS without all of the opinion, which is honestly hard to find.

Here is a FACTcheck from the AP. Read it, it’s good and honest:


You can’t disagree with these things. Facts are facts.


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