Migraine Day – poor holiday idea


This is what my head feels like today — it’s awful.

I have always had headache/migraine issues…I won’t say “suffer from” or “victim of” because that sounds too complainy…for now…

Waking up with a migraine, like today, immediately hinders every angle of my day. Upon waking up, I’m ready for bed. Turning on my computer, I’m ready to turn it off again. Completely a sentence, much less a complete thought, takes cruel amounts of concentration, which in turn perpetuates my migraine. The noise of my office makes it worse, but playing music or white noise is also counter-productive.

Coffee can sometimes appease the situation, but builds a dependence, which in turn leads to future headaches.

I could keep going … somehow … writing for work seems impossible right now. I guess Chapter 13 bankruptcy and estate planning can be crossed off the list of potential migraine solutions.

If this doesn’t stop, I’ll need to go home early. I can’t keep this up the whole day. Hopefully lots of water and some Naproxen will help.

(Note: there’s no point to this post other than allowing me to vent a little without shouting or using my voice. )


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  1. I’ve had migraines since I was little so I know from experience how awful they can be. Hopefully yours will go away soon and you can feel better.

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