Peaceful Religion My Ass

“Churches Attacked in Malaysian ‘Allah’ Dispute”

Islam is NOT a peaceful religion.

This link goes to a New York Times story about Muslims attacking Christians simply based on the use of the word, or label, “Allah.”

The Argument in the recent decade has been that Islam is a religion taken out of context, showing only what the terrorists believe and what their actions lead to. In hand, the Argument has also claimed that God, who you can of course create to fit your own morals instead of adjusting to live morally, is a lose term and is used by many religions.

“Allah” is a direct translation of the word “God.” It’s simple.
With the Argument saying Allah simply translates to the idea of God, not a specific entity, further disruption from Christians and right-wing nutbags is watered down and cut off.

But when you start seeing arguments, much less ATTACKS, you begin to rethink the Argument’s validity. The NYTimes story leads with this:

“Three Christian churches were attacked with firebombs Friday as tensions rose in a dispute over whether Christians could use the word “Allah” in this largely Muslim nation.” …

… “Allah is only for us,” said Faedzah Fuad, 28, who participated in the rally. …

… “Hand-lettered signs reading “Please respect the name of Allah” remained in a stack on the ground where Ms. Faedzah had prepared them.” …

A bit touchy, don’t you think?

With over 60 percent of the country practicing Islam, Christians are a heavy minority is Malaysia. Aren’t minorities supposed to receive special benefits? RIGHT? Oh wait, that’s the way America handles things.

If these attacks were to happen on U.S. soil, the attitude would be quite different and Christians would be looked at as intrusive and disrespectful. But by the Argument’s own words, the word “allah” is simply a word. But the actions of the Muslim believers prove otherwise.

Wake up, Islam is as peaceful as the flight hijacking, suicide bombing, botched-underwear bombing practioners is produces.
This goes without mentioning their holy book, the Qur’an, directly teaches the attacks and killings of Christians and other infidels. This is an inarguable point of of their faith.
Also, aside the point, in America and throughout the world, Christianity is looked down upon because of its “intolerance” and whatever other terms people throw about. People claim there are many ways to God, if He exists at all, and that Christians are being insensitive and hateful for claiming Christ is the only way… Well, look up Muslim beliefs. Read about them. Read what Muslims are saying in their day-to-day conversation and writing. Read what they are Tweeting. It’s painfully obvious they believe, violently, that their path to God, “allah,” is the only way.

Double standard much?




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3 responses to “Peaceful Religion My Ass

  1. Hello, as a Muslim I know exactly that Islam is not like that, and I also know that the word “Allah” is “God” in Arabic as you mentioned and it’s not just for muslims its for every one who belives that there’s only one god created this world.
    So with all my respect, I’d like to tell you about something different but yet related, we as Muslims live in Arab Muslim countries suffer from terrorism and Al-Qaida more than you do, as in Algeria they used to kill evey one under the name of Islam while all their victims were Muslims.

    Islam teches us forgivness and love and respect but BenLaden and his stupid followers made us look like terrorist.

    Islam is peaceful, terrorism is not.

  2. knoxn

    Thank you for the comment, Seifo.
    I appreciate the points you made.

  3. Ben

    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia — A fourth church in Malaysia was hit by firebombs Saturday, stoking concern among Christians as a dispute rages over the use of the word “Allah” by non-Muslims.

    The latest incident occurred after three other churches were firebombed Friday, just days after a Kuala Lumpur court ruled non-Muslims to use the word “Allah” to refer to God in their literature.

    This is the peace and tolerance of Islam?

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