Sorry Sanuks, it’s December in Minnesota

Remember a while ago when I posted about Sanuk Shoes? … (click here for the post) …

Well, my lovely, awesome mother bought me those shoes. The same ones as the picture shows. See the one there to the left? Yeah, those.

A while ago, I wrote about how I want them and how great they look… And they really ARE great! I love them and wear them all of the time. So, Mother, thank you for the shoes. And Sanuk Shoe company, thank you for making such awesome shoes.

BUT, as much as I love to wear them, I live in Minnesota. Seeing as it’s December and there’s five inches of snow on the ground, I am being forced to wear them less. The shoes are too thin to wear in the cold. They also slip on the ice too easily and you don’t want to know what it’s like getting them wet, which is bound to happen… again…

So I’m looking for good shoes for the winter now.



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