Again or Sort Of Still?

Either it’s happening Again or Sort Of Still happening.
I am lying awake in bed and have to be up for work in Less than 6 hours. Sweet.
So which is it?
Sort Of Still?

The answer: Sort Of Still… But more on that soon…

Today was really good for a Monday. Work went by quickly and was productive for the most part. I hit a slight wall while writing about Slip & Fall personal injury cases for an attorney in St. Louis. The guy wanted the city spelled out Saint Louis. It was dumb.
Then, after much deliberation, I sent a question to a guy at a place about an email he sent me regarding the presentation I had been working on. I clicked Send with a cautious, Something Smells In Here look and got on with writing more. I’m not sure how long it took, but he emailed me back with a few details and a deadline.
A deadline?
A deadline!

That takes us here.
Lying in my bed.
Nearly 1 a.m.

I spent WAY too much time doing the first PowerPoint on my laptop, so I went to Chris’ new mac. Apparently he doesn’t have PowerPoint on his computer? A very necessary WTF is in order… WTF! So I went to my mom’s in the office. It’s as bad as mine! Then my Pa graciously offered his new PC. Once I got going it was hard to stop.
So I did.
An hour ago.
Over an hour ago actually.
Two! Holy crap! 2 hours! Ago!

My mind is still jonesing (sp?) on the PowerPoint. Thanks! I am really tired, so I dare not get out of bed or else I definitely won’t sleep… So what do I do?
I blog from my iPod of course.

I’m writing on my iPod. It’s REALLY annoying! There is way too much clicking going on! So if there are weird little typos, it’s from trying to type on an iPod touch that doesn’t have real buttons. Surprisingly enough, I can apparently fly with this thing. I guess that’s neat, right?

Anyway, the deadline is tomrrow at 8 p.m.
I still have work to do, but it will have to wait till after work tomorrow. I think I may actually fall asleep soon.

PS. I may, MAY, be receiving headphones for free to blog about. We’ll see if these PR folk actually follow through with their promise, unlike the last few places. Tisk tisk


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