Oolong tea from Golden Moon

Who likes product reviews? This guy!

Soonish, I’ll be posting a review, or several, of Golden Moons Tea’s Oolong tea. I’ve been in contact with the company and they’re going to send me some samples to try and write about.

On Golden Moon’s site, they write:

Great tea makes you understand the passion for tea. Great tea, like every Golden Moon Tea, has flavor as magical from a plant as the radiance of its color. Its unmistakable, and a miracle.

If the tea you’re drinking doesn’t make you wonder how nature can be so perfect, then you’re not drinking the right tea.

Making and drinking whole-leaf tea like Golden Moon is an act of self-love. A ceremony. It slows time. Lets you see yourself.
Makes real the now.

None of which has to be difficult.

It made me chuckle and realize I haven’t had any GOOD tea in quite a while; I’m pretty excited to try this stuff.

In other news… I woke up sick this morning. I could really go for some tea right now. Bad timing be damned to hell.



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2 responses to “Oolong tea from Golden Moon

  1. Sometimes I’m amazed at how perfect tea can be. It’s true that higher-quality tea can just blow a person away. It does happen for me.

  2. maryknox

    WHERE can you buy Golden moon?

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