I went on a man date with Micah last night to talk, catch up and discuss our book ideas. I love that man. We went to BD’s Mongolian Grill off of 42 next to the Burnsville Center.
After having free soup and salad, our very friendly server (ALL staff were outgoing and super friendly) brought us our bowls to go make our own food buffet style. We stacked our bowls so high we walked more carefully than we would if we had a mug filled to the brim with hot coffee.
Their website lets you build your own bowl. Here’s what I got…
The KNOX-esque

3 oz Chicken – remove
3 oz NY / KC Strip – remove
1 oz Bean Sprouts – remove
1 oz Broccoli – remove
1 tsp Cilantro – remove
1 oz Mushrooms – remove
2 x 1 oz Spicy Buffalo Sauce – remove
1 oz Chili Garlic Sauce – remove
1 oz Sweet n Sour – remove
.5 tsp. Oil Blend (added at the Grill) – remove
3/4 cup Rice – remove
3 oz. Rice Noodles – remove

The website is actually very limiting. I put WAY more meat on it! Lamb, shrimp, rib-eye, pork, etc. I also had pea pods and other stuff, but that’s the gist of it.

They cooked it for us, rather quickly, on a giant doughnut grill while we hung out and talked with the staff.

The food was amazing!!!

I’m taking Sarah there soon! She’ll love it.

To Sarah: Trust me, you’ll love it. You can even make your own iced tea.


To BD’s Mongolian Grill: I love you.


To Sarah: I love you too!



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2 responses to “BD’s

  1. I love you too!

    I trust you.

    I love iced tea.

  2. This place sounds very interesting. 🙂

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