CNN: Golf balls and the “new” Jihad

Dear CNN,

Try reporting on things that ACTUALLY matter. Golf balls? REALLY?
When there are many stories (Obama to deport 30,000 troops to Afghanistan, how being a “conscientious objector” means flaking out on devotion to your country, Koreas attack each other) deserving of coverage, you talk about that.

Hey, at least you give radical attention to the “New Jihad Code.” I don’t understand how on Earth you people think this will actually influence Muslims anywhere. People in jail wrote this code. Notice in the video story that the reporter gives more time to the relationship between the son and his father than the actual story at hand. It’s presented like a revolutionary idea that “WILL change the world,” but it, if anything, will be laughed at by traditional Muslims (+90 percent of the religion’s population), the type of people who still attack The West in the name of Allah. Just because a father and son (who tried killing each other) and a bunch of convicted terrorists claim wave the white flag and write a “new jihad code” does NOT mean, at all, things are changing or will change. The Koran is anything but peaceful.


I’d like to read this so-called “New Jihad Code”


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