Techmo Favre to Lewis for the win

A local PR guy just posted this video on Twitter and his blog here: Techmo Favre to Lewis TD pass

Not only is this video awesome because someone recreated a real life scene with a videogame, which is of course very, VERY cool, but it’s cool because it’s against the 49ers in the game.

Now I realize that someone could have just taken a clip of the game and changed the colors and text to recreate everything… But for my sake, I don’t want to believe this idea is COMPLETELY true.

If you know anything about Techmo, and especially Techmo Super Bowl (an NES release from the early 90’s), you will, or should, know that the San Fransisco 49ers were the best team in the game. My brothers and friends had to set up the rule “You CANNOT pick the 49ers.”  Why? Because they won EVERY time! All you had to do was throw to Jerry Rice …  no matter how far it was, he would catch it … you could run towards the opposite goal line, press A to throw, and the ball would sail over everyone, over the whole field, and land perfectly in Rice’s arms for ANOTHER touchdown.

It was ridiculous!

Thus, no one was allowed to play as that team.

So, IF the person made the video without messing with altering things too much, that score would be almost impossible to achieve. Well, maybe not impossible, but FREAKING HARD! The Vikings SUCKED in that game.

All this to say, I’m a nerd and liked this video WAY too much!


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