It’s ok to laugh at the Taliban, right? Or will they Jihad me?

I am a news junkie. I devour news from my local paper, Google News, Drudge Report, CNN, Reuters, BBC online and many more places that I just happen to come across while clicking away.

I see a LOT of news I hate. And every now and then I see news that is supposed to be serious, but it just makes me chuckle.

This story from the AP for instance….

Pakistani Taliban criticize Obama’s peace Nobel

ISLAMABAD — The Pakistani Taliban has criticized the decision to award Barack Obama the Nobel Peace Prize saying the U.S. president should have received a “villain of peace” award instead.

Taliban spokesman Azam Tariq said Wednesday the president who has beefed up the U.S. military presence in neighboring Afghanistan did not deserve the peace prize.

Tariq said Obama’s “hands are tainted with the blood of thousands of human beings.”

First, even the Taliban doesn’t think Obama deserves the NPP.
Second, “the U.S. president should have received a “villain of peace” award instead.”
Third, the Taliban has a spokesperson?! Shouldn’t that make things easier for us?
Finally, and I realize there are cultural differences and everything and they’re trying to be serious, but who talks like that? We ARE on the tail-end of the year 2009… Get with the program!


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