This past weekend I FINALLY made a trip to Eau Claire.

It was everything I wanted, except for Drew. He wasn’t there.

Since September began I can’t seem to shake the thought, “I should be in school!” Even worse, I had a dream I was late to class and another dream that Jan, my advanced reporting and capstone professor, was yelling at me for turning in a bad article and turning it in late.

It’s terrible stuff dreaming of school.

So with awfulness like that, yes, awfulness, I went to the good ol’ Eau C for the weekend for Happy Times with guys, Happy Hours (why limit it to one? We had three), grilling and SUIT UP awesomeness.

After our three-hour Happy Hour – I discovered New Glarus’ amazing new beer, Staghorn, and won in darts – us gents decided to actually look like gents and put ties on for Jackie’s 23rd.

(left to right: ME, Jackie, Andrew, Laura – walking to the Pio)


(If you’re walking somewhere with friends and you have a camera, you stop and do this)


(People look ridiculous hen they laugh)


(Ferger, Ryan, ME, sort of Laura – Inside the Brat before we hit the dance floor… and yes, that particular floor was hit and hit hard!)


(Ferger, Ryan, ME, Laura)


(Still at Jackie’s before the bar scene, but after we got comfortable with all of the strangers)


(This picture makes me look weird, but it’s just another guy standing behind me. Also, I’m shaking Alex’s hand for some reason. I think his name is Alex. It must be after we made up for fighting about who was better at making the slinky go down the stairs)

It was a fun night. Saturday was fun as well, but for other reasons than booze and dancing.

Like this:


The Treatzapizza from Dairy Queen. AWESOME!


I need to go shave. This four-day grow period has gotten out of hand.



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