Tip tep(?) tapping

I changed some things on my blog!
(If you know Sarah and/or Elsa, you know the way this is said).

I’m not sure if you can pick it up, but there are changes, even in the new post page, there are changes!

For some reason, I’ve got that anxious/nervous/irritable/excited/furiously annoying feeling that I won’t be able to sleep tonight. For absolutely NO reason, I have it
(please reference the last of the / streak)

Ideas have been bouncing through my head for the past _______ minutes/hours/days/weeks and I’m nearly ready to spill onto the page.
Well, screen, I suppose. Page writing, though therapeutic, raw and perfect, it’s a hassle for me sometimes. Especially when I have computerS around me.

Get ready for some really (awful) awesome writing soon.

In the meantime (two words), check out the newness and the old stuff.

This guy


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