One of my favorite characters ever, Batman, hits the (tv) screen via Xbox 360 and PS3 midnight tonight.
It’s rare to find a game that isn’t push through production in the name of a movie release…a very horrible and habitual practice companies have fallen into.
Dear companies who do this, the “oh crap, we need a video game!” method really doesn’t work in your favor. F’ING STOP!
Arkham Asylum was given the Game of the Month label and a 9.5 by Game Informer Magazine… yes, the same place I’d love to work… as is that’s only a dream job of mine.
How do I work there? I must!
Oh well… all in all, I’m bored at work and need to check out this game.
Urban Outfitters is ACTUALLY selling Polaroid cameras and film starting this Friday, not this past one like the rumor said. Hopefully the price won’t be outrageous, but considering the store they’re being sold in, the price will make walk away crying.

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