I saw this on the blog – a place I’m looking into for a job (Wish me luck!) and I liked the emphasis, and actual conversation, on personality for a new-hire at a company. I feel like it’s sort of a known idea, but it isn’t blogged about or brought up very often.

Today’s post marks part two of a three-part series on approaching human resources in a more creative way. For many small businesses, the process of finding quality candidates, weeding through them, and getting the right one to sign on the dotted line isn’t as simple and straightforward as it once was. The job market is changing and you’re going to need to spice up your HR practices in order to get the people you want.

When you go through the process of analyzing resumes, it’s pretty easy to get a good idea of people’s skills and qualifications. Getting a feel for their personalities is another story. This needs to happen during the interview process.

Whether you wait until second or third round, or let loose right off the bat, asking questions that force candidates to show their true colors is important to the hiring process. If someone is potentially going to be spending a sufficient amount of time with you and your team, shouldn’t that person have the right mindset and fit well within your culture?

Here are some interview questions that will help paint a better overall picture of potential employees.

If a magazine were to write an article about you, what would the headline be, and what magazine would write it?

What makes you WANT to get up in the morning?
If you could be any kitchen appliance, which one would you be and why?
What have you done in the past three months to help you prepare for the future you really want?
If you were in charge, what is the first thing you would change about this company?

Ps. I just got an email from MN Monthly. Sweet


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