Near Grand Marais

I (we) got back yesterday from an awesome weekend of camping at Lambs Resort in northern Minnesota.

I don’t have time to write a ton, so here are the bullets:

  • Hiking several miles barefoot hurts your feet… Yes, I did this. My feet are killing me! I’m just glad I sit at a desk all day at work.
  • Small town diners for breakfast with my lovely are perfect!
  • Camping can be awesome if you’re as prepared as we were. Thanks Whitsons!
  • Rock people are fun.
  • Skipping rocks is not only fun, but very theraputic for me.
  • Tylenol PM rocks!
  • Micah and I look alike… this is nothing new, but Sarah and even Micah himself mixed us up this weekend.
  • An iPod with a ton of music on shuffle can make driving for five hours with additional time for traffic quite pleasant.
  • Did I mention my feet hurt?

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