Obama’s (lack of) cohones

Was Obama bullied too much as a kid or something?
He’s brave enough to try ruining our entire country by 1) pushing for this ridiculous healthcare bill which is currently estimated to cost 1.6 TRILLION dollars. 2) Throwing $700 BILLION dollars around like some Ni *cough* NICE guy in a rap music video within the first month of his presidency. 3) Throwing even MORE money at other things…look it up yourself, I don’t have time to go into details. 4) Spending more time out of the country on his little PR stunts than actually trying to “change” things. 5) etc. 6) misc.

He can do all of that, but he doesn’t have the balls to stand up to North Korea even after they just test fired ANOTHER missile? He didn’t have it in him to do anything more than say, “I strongly condemn…” when it came to Iran’s “election.” And now he can’t even stand up to Honduras for the military coup?
Obama, you’re the president of the United States of America, please excuse my lack of respect and civility, but, WTF! It’s Honduras!
Honduras resists pressure; Obama makes another ‘statement’
We also “withdrew US military backing” to ‘get the message across’ to the coup, but what is that going to change? Nothing.
I admit that I don’t even know what’s right for Honduras or what they people want…for all I know, they’re all for it and hate the guy they kicked out. If that’s the case, then good job guys. I’m am just venting about Obama and his, “I don’t want to be seen as ‘meddling'” policy.

Maybe Obama’s passivity doesn’t stem from being picked on as a kid. If he WERE picked on, he’d probably be an angry guy and throw a few hundred missiles around (like that money he’s wasting instead) in reaction to things. Maybe he’s just some puss and hasn’t realized his slogans can’t change the world.
You might have hated Bush, but at least he an active president.


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