Take some responsibility!

I’m a news-junkie. Throughout the day, I check different news websites to “stay up on things” and I’ve noticed something that seems to permeate every news story, one common idea shared by almost everyone: “It’s not my fault.”

Apparently everyone, no matter the situation, is a victim.
You could be one of these failing 8th graders:


You could be Ms. Knox on trial for killing a roommate:

And the man of utmost talent in blaming someone else, Mr. Obama.
I saw in a story the other day (I can’t find it now, sorry to say) at least 12 examples of Obama blaming Bush for everything wrong with that country. They were direct quotes with regards to the subject matter, which mostly related to debt and “hate”. Read almost ANY story quoting Obama directly, I can almost guarantee a quote of his saying something along the lines of the awful state of things “…we’ve inherited” or the “problems passed on to us on the current administration.”

Anything that is even slightly wrong, is an inherited problem.
What about the amount of debt we’re in? Of course it’s not his fault… Forget the fact that he’s carelessly throwing BILLIONS of dollars at the issues and he’s pushing for a $1.6 TRILLION dollar healthcare overhaul that he overtook ABC to promote.

No one admits they are wrong. Why would they? It’s hard and demands character. It’s an issue you can’t throw money at… so they blame someone else.


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