Fake Dog

This is probably something I’d resort to after being unemployed too long. Just some crazy guy in a hat pushing a fake dog because he’s too poor to buy a real one, but so bored he resorts to this. Oh my.
Hopefully I won’t be pushed into this sort of lifestyle. Yes, this would be a lifestyle. An obviously troublesome one at that.
But it wouldn’t shed; Sarah would appreciate that.

So, skimping on the details, I’m slowly starting to feel the economic impact on employment and everything us media folk are hyping so relentlessly.

Graduation in t-minus: 33 days, 19 hours, 18 minutes

Job status: *laughing*

I’m not as worried as I probably should be. It’s in my savior’s hands, not mine. His will be done. I’m trying to stay balanced on it, but I’m praying though. Praying hard.

I should be working on my capstone project. Specifically, I should be transcribing the five mini-cassette tapes of interviews I’ve done into Word documents. I need to do that before I can start writing the stories. I was supposed to do that shortly after each interview and I haven’t. Thus the five tapes sitting next to me.
With Sarah being in Washington, I have more open time for assorted activities like THIS exact one. I planned on doing at least a few of the tapes this weekend, but haven’t done anything with them yet. Awesome. Oh well… It’ll get done. Just like the capstone project which is due on the 30th. Yikes!

Ok, food time and just-stated capstone activity

…Latest diggin’ list…

Arcade Fire
Band of Horses
Bonnie “Prince” Billy
The Decemberists (just got their new album – awesome)
Fleet Foxes
Fruit Bats
Noah and the Whale
Of Montreal
The Raconteurs
Robert Plant and Allison Krauss
TV on the Radio


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One response to “Fake Dog

  1. The Colonel

    fake dog? welcome to my life. Except I have I a real dog and thank God I do. now that’s it’s nice out bringing Laila to the dog park is one of the few things i can do with my days to keep me sane.

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