Wake up to this?

Here’s something no one wants to wake up to.
So if you just woke up, go do something else for a while and come back later….

Aren’t you glad you left for a bit?
Aren’t you upset with yourself for not leaving when you had the chance?

My group and I are about to use this to kick off our presentation today at 8 a.m.
We’re forcing people to wake up to it. Sucks to be them. I’ve been up for a while already, and haven’t watched it yet, so I’ll be fine.
It’s crazy how prude American advertising is considered seeing as we’re quite the opposite of prude as a country.


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One response to “Wake up to this?

  1. Sarah Jean

    Ew…I don’t like that video. Animals should not be sexy. Ew Ew ew ew EW Ew eW ew EW EW ew Eww Ew.I hope your class was disturbed.

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