Shoes! Daaaaah!

I just got home from campus.

I don’t know if you were aware, but I had a 25-minute group presentation today.
It went well enough, but it was super long! With questions at the end, we were up there for 40 minutes!

Why on Earth did you take 40 minutes?

Well, the girl who showed up in a plum colored suit went very long. She said she was a very lively presenter and was excited to go…

I don’t know how she came to that conclusion about herself or who has been lying to her.
She spoke uncomfortably slow and was as boring as a history lecture in the 40s.
She took about 12 minutes just herself.

What about her plum suit?

Ha! She looked like the joker! I bit my tongue so hard I thought I was going to bite it off. It was so hard for me not to crack a joke or just start giggling.

Anyway, it’s over and done with. I won’t post a picture of me in the suit because I’ve done that before. Go find it if you really want to see it.
I want to cry though. My shoes…SUCK!
I need to start wearing eight pairs of socks when I suit up because those black devils are little jerks. I’m not bleeding, but the skin most definitely has been rubbed off on my Achilles heel. It huuurrrrrts!

Good news: It’s over. The CLASS is OVER! I don’t have to wake up for anything tomorrow. I only have to work at 3:30 and then go home!! I’m SOOOOO pumped! I like home. It’s home. Take out working on my capstone project and it’ll be a fun break. Lots of fun dates with Sarah. *squeals*

Ok. I need to go study for the exam I have at 12:30.

Have you been studying for it though?

No, ma’am/sir, I have not. It’s 11:01 and I am about to start studying for the exam I have in an hour and a half.

I’m awesoooome.

With Love, wounded heals, the look of a douche bag business major



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2 responses to “Shoes! Daaaaah!

  1. Sarah Jean

    I’m sorry your heels hurt today, baby. You also didn’t tell me that miss “I’m a perky speaker” had a purple suit. That is a very good detail, and I wish I would have known before so I could better empathize with you.I’m excited for our many fun dates this week. I absolutely love having you home!XOXO,Me

  2. L Tips

    Three things.One. I, too, thought that it had been a year since my last post. Then, I noticed it was in May, not March. Oh well, either way.Two. I remember when I was at Eau Claire (I say that like it was years ago) how I would love to go home and couldn’t wait for breaks or weekends when I would be able to leave. But now that I’m not there anymore, I miss it so much and would rather be there for a weekend than here. Nate, it’s going to be weird when you leave. But happy too. Three. When I read Sarah’s above comment, I totally thought it read, “I’m excited for our manLy fun dates this week.”Funny.

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