Green again?

This about sums up me right now.
I woke up at today in a fog, confused that I didn’t remember turning my alarm off but still managed to wake up. I rolled onto my back, prepping myself and going through everything on today’s to-do list. What felt like two minutes went by and I woke again, this time in a panic.

“**** I slept in! They’re going to be pissed!” I thought.

I thought I had slept through the group meeting I had scheduled at 9. Throwing the blankets off of me, I sat up and looked at the clock.

Do you know what time it was?


Two hours before my second alarm was supposed to go off. See, I have two alarms to ensure I am awake in the morning. The first, my alarm clock/radio goes off with Eau Claire’s classic rock station, The Big Cheese, the only station I can get good reception on, at 6:45 for an 8 a.m. class – 7:45 for today because of the 9 o’clock meeting – the second goes off three minutes later playing The Office theme song because I always hit the snooze button. Why three minutes? Because it’s only three minutes. The snooze setting on my alarm clock is nine minutes for some reason. I don’t know why, it just is. Nine minutes is too long, thus the three-minute interval is there to wake me again in the middle. Most of the time I actually get out of bed after alarm No. 2, but every now and then, I need all three.

So sitting there, seeing 5:48 blazoned in red digits, I was relieved after a brief moment of confusion. Damn daylight savings. It throws me off to irrational limits every time.

So I fell back into bed and back to sleep. Two hours of dreams later I woke up in a weird mood. Apparently a long, shifting dream ranging from a certain unnamed person screaming at me in the park behind my house in Minn. while other people screamed at her for being dramatic and crazy; to a reporter stalking me and getting in my face; to a huge formal party thrown for me in which I had to give a speech saying, “I usually cover crap events like this for the paper, now I have one thrown in my name. Thanks, I guess. Here’s to you all for making it happen.” I suck at public speaking even in my dreams, how sad is that? After gulping some champagne, I walked outside to find myself playing games in the woods with a bunch of people – the gun game for a little bit – then came to Knob Hill Park to find Whitney Butz and Sarah Vande Kamp talking about me. They were talking about why the party was thrown. Apparently I just published a wildly successful book and they were debating whether or not I was addicted to crack. Then one of them said I wasn’t and just said I was mentally unstable. After she said that, I appeared in front of myself and started giving more reasons why I had “lost my marbles.” I was very convincing. So I woke up convinced by my dream self that I’m severely off in the head.

Then I saw these news story… in this order

Interesting progression, huh?

Ok… Time to actually start my work.
I have to start and finish part of a group project on our demographic targeting, “behavioristic” targeting and what the size of our market will be. That’s for 7:30ish tonight.
And I have to write a column for the Editorial page, an Nth Degree column on SOMETHING related to sports, a story on a new cycling team trying to get university funding and then be clever for Ask Anything.

Sweet! Good thing I ate some eggs.


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