Rickter Scales and Metronomes

Some days I love.
Some days I just kinda like.
Some days I’m indifferent about.
Some days I hate.
Some days I love at first and hate later.
Some days it’s vice verse.
Some days it’s a weird combination.
Some days it’s no weird combo, it’s just annoying and resembles a Rickter Scale.

Today began horribly. I woke up with an aching neck. Just lying in bed hurt. So after my alarm went off at 10:30 – after I already woke up twice and fell back to sleep because of the neck pain – I fell back to sleep for another hour and 12 minutes. But apparently my “neck pain” was much more than just the typical muscle tension I experience on a day-to-day basis. This was a full-blown migraine. It hurt to do anything. Walking hurt. Blinking hurt. Eating oatmeal with one hand with my eyes closed while my other hand was holding my head up hurt. Brushing my teeth with a brand new tube of toothpaste – something that is usually a huge and awesome thing for me – hurt. Sitting on the floor in the Spec office squinting the light out of my eyes hurt. Answering stupid remarks like, “Nate, it’s 1 p.m., you shouldn’t be tired” or “Drink too much late night, Nate? *laughs*” or “Damn, Nate, you look stoned” and others like it with my response, “No, I woke up with a migraine” hurt. Everything hurt!
Luckily, and more accurately, thank God-ily, Natalie had a bottle of Excedrin Tension Headache stuff and gave me some. About 30 minutes later, apparently different from the 15-minute regular stuff they advertise, I was feeling MUUUUUCH better. Thanks Natalie…and God…

The rest of the day was good… Except for the $110.72 grocery bill!
UGH! I hate buying groceries. Especially when it’s the first time back from break. I have to buy EVERYTHING and get huge bills!

So I’ve had a ton of free time to do ANYTHING I want the past couple days like I’ve mentioned before, and I’ve used it ok enough…by playing Zelda! But I found out I’ve missed episodeS of both The Office AND How I Met Your Mother!
So tomorrow, after fun photo shoots for column heads for the Spec and before drinks with key people and a party for the Spec, I’m going to watch those episodes… Well, most likely not ALL of them – there are more than a few apparently – but one or two. Then I’ll enjoy some Captain ‘n’ Cider for the said social events.

Quote of the week thanks to Hugo: “If you ate more comfort food maybe you wouldn’t go around shooting people”

And now one of my favorite comics… Get Fuzzy… The past few days have been greeeaaat! Be sure to read them… clicky clickness!





*noiseless air laugh*

I hope I don’t wake up with another migraine… that would not be neat
With Love, migraine pills, new toothpaste and wheezy nostrils


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