To and fro and from the other side

The comics I put on here often represent me – my life – at that particular moment in time when I click the orange “publish post” button.
I laughed really hard when I first saw this one…

uuuugh… That stupid Lifetime Fitness is great. That stupid little, errr younger, brother of mine is great. Because of them, if you haven’t heard me already, I’m in agonizing pain and won’t shut up with all of my complaining. I bug myself. But I can’t help it; my arms hurt! Apparently it’s bad to go “blast” your muscles with an intense workout when you lack ANY sort of workout routine…who knew? Well we worked my arms too hard and now my arms are naturally bending and being pulled up. My arms are almost at a 90 degree angle; I look like an action figure! They’re that way because I’m an idiot and my biceps hate me. When I straighten my arms or have to reach up for something, a tearing feeling shoots through my muscle…my back hates me too…

Even though I’m a total Cotton-headed Ninnymuggins, I can see why people go to the gym. I have no draw to lose weight…yet. But I feel drawn to the gym just to be there and, most of all, sit in the hot tub, followed by a sweaty and minty sit in the steam room. It’s great.
Apparently, I like swimming too. I’ve been arguing with myself on this point though. I’ve hated swimming for…ever… and now, it’s tractor beam has got a hold of me (yes, I DID just reference Star Trek).

So I feel I owe you all some sort of explanation for a severe lack of posting in the last almost month. Well, I could give all sorts of excuses like being busy do awesome things with Sarah (which is true), or going to FaithWalkers and still digesting everything from there (which is also true), or being busy with lots of new movies and shows (another truth), or being too engrossed in books (only kind of true)… but really…
I’ve just been lazy. A mediocre and lukewarm attitude towards blogging… I think about it often enough, but never act.
So with all sincerity of heart and mind – not soul, not for you – I am sorry.

I have a list of topics I’d like to write through coming up.
A lot of it will be reflection on what I took from FW; mostly me writing myself through the stuff to help myself understand what I hit me.
Other stuff will be just … stuff … that I’ve been thinking about.
But I’ll get to that later…

I’ve noticed, even more so now that I’m dating Sarah, that I laugh at stupid things. We’ll be talking, walking around somewhere, watching a movie, doing … anything really… and I’ll just break out laughing about something dumb that I’ve thought about or some weird scenario that I just imagined. It’s fun and annoying. With that…something dumb I just laughed at

Ice Prom? hahahahahahahaha!
Oh come on! That’s funny… well…kind of!

Well I’m going to go watch an episode of Weeds

Love and Red M&M’s (I’ve been sitting here picking out the red ones from the dish next to me)


P.S. Awesome verse, and possible future topic, James 1:22, “Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.”


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