hot chocolate

Mmmmm… Even though I’m STILL freezing from driving through the blizzard, ice cream sounds really good… but that might just be due to the fact that, above freezing, I’m starving.
I haven’t had any food in like 11 hours! An amount of time that is about eight hours too long… *needy face*

Ok, I had too good of a day… I’ll discuss it later.
Right now, I’m leaving the Spec office to go home and overeat.

Love and hot chocolate

mmmmmm, hot chocolate… I had some really good stuff today



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2 responses to “hot chocolate

  1. Sarah Jean

    Was the highlight of your day meeting Ashley Moore and Stephanie Green?

  2. Sarah Jean

    Ashley would like you to know it was the highlight of her day, and she hopes that you will someday hold a baby tiger….just like on Thriller. 😉

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