In order

My room is quasi like this… I have things in a certain order. But it would be so much worse without my nifty spiral holder thing in my closet. That thing is great!

(click to actually see)

Ok, another (mostly) wasted weekend. Now I have WAY too much to do tomorrow… awesome.
I couldn’t care less about Tuesday or Wednesday… but tomorrow’s going to suck. Too much to do ALL day.
Although I don’t care about those days, I need try fitting interviews in there somewhere.
My next, and last story, about something I don’t care about, the economy, is due the Tuesday after Thanksgiving. Awesome!
So I have to get interviews done and find sources before I go home because we all know I won’t do anything over break.
I’ll be doing anything and everything…fun things 😉

Ok. I’m done at the office….3 hours earlier than I expected to be when I got in!

I had more to say, but with that coming up, I can’t remember now.
Love and teddy bears!


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