I really, REALLY want to tell SUPER DUPER funny story … but it’s not appropriate.
So if you really want to know, just ask me.
But it’s very inappropriate, so you’ve been warned.
But it made my day better. Just know that.

So I’m in the ghost-haunted computer lab that I wrote my Autism story in… ya know the one where all of the computers turned on and made sound at the same time and scared the crap out of me? Yeah, that one.

I love it!
I’m the only one in here!
I tried coming in here the other night, but there were about 40 people in here… very overwhelming!

I’m sitting at one of the 11 brand new Apple computers, I counted, and instead of editing my stories on Autism and Mr. Pagel (aww, remember him?), I’m playing with the computer’s Photo Booth application.

Let’s play!

Me sitting here, smiling

Me sitting here…like this…

Me as a weird mutant thing!

Me in France…


(I took this first with my stuff on … obviously)

Game over

I forgot what I was going to say next.

Time to edit… ENTHUSIASM!
I’m tired :-/


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One response to “IN SPACE!!!!

  1. Anonymous

    those pix were very fun.thank you.the 2nd one looks like, moi

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