relaxing and carbon copied

Yeaah, that about sums up not just my day, but my entire weekend.
After having what I’m sure will be the easiest week of the entire year, I enjoyed what I’m sure will be the easiest weekend of the entire year. It started Friday, like this comic, at breakfast. I woke up and went through my morning routine of showering and checking my email with a cup of coffee, but when I was going to get up to go make breakfast, I didn’t. I crashed. I sat around ALLLLLLLLL day. It was so wonderful it blew my mind. I had two things to do: Finish my column for the paper and go in for deadline. When deadline FINALLY rolled around, I was prepared…I had spent an hour talking myself into getting up and doing something… When I got to the office, I was ready for a long night. I still had my slippers on, I was drinking Pepsi (a Pepsi because it’s been a long time since I had had one…I don’t like it!), I had my iPod and cable for the computer…I was ready. Well, there were three pages to do. I was gone in under an hour and a half. Sweet. But instead of going out and having fun at the concert with my roommates or going to the bars with other friends, I stayed in. I played guitar, had some Mount Gay Rum and coke (thanks Ben) and watched Nightmare Before Christmas on TV. I realized while I was watching it that I have never seen the whole movie! I still haven’t, I didn’t watch the whole thing. Eventually, a friend who was in Eau Claire for the night called me and we hung out for a bit.

Saturday and today were basically carbon copies of Friday… Lots of nothing. Just movies, naps on the couch, Fireside and Autumnal Fire, Chips and cheese dip, slippers and sweats. Great weekend!!

Tomorrow and real life hits again. YAAAY!
I update my resume tonight though…so I was a little productive. Now I need to write a bunch of cover letters and starting applying for jobs and whatnot. uuuuuugh!

I want to go home 😦


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