Three things to PF

Uuuugh.. too often, I’m having days like this. Too often, I say!

Today was actually a fine day.. Except I was freaking out until 11 a.m. today.
I got an email with my Autism story from my teacher with a ton of comments…but no grade. It said, “let’s talk.”

So I naturally almost shat myself. But everything’s fine. Except I keep making stupid little mistakes that bring my article grades down. Dumb little AP style things that I don’t catch while reading. Ooohhh well.. Life is bigger than school.

Three things:
1. I had the biggest panic attack I’ve had in months today. … I’m not sure how to describe my panic attack. It was like the one I had when Sarah rubbed dirty paper on my face, but this was like 12 times worse. I couldn’t move beyond shaking and convulsing for two minutes. My face was contorted and my eyes were watering; I however didn’t lose my breath even though I was screaming.

2. Remember that time at Amber’s cabin with the Rock people? Well I had a dream about Micah, Adam, Rachel, Amy and I being stranded out in the middle of the lake with a sinking paddle boat (weird, Word says that’s one word). But THIS time, in the dream, shark was attacking us. AWESOME! Worst nightmare EVER! Well, not really…but ANY dream involving a Great White Shark attacking you when you’re with four other people and a sinking paddle boat is pretty damn terrifying! Damn for emphasis! Don’t be offended. I basically started screaming and then took control of my dream and woke myself up.

3. It’s our friend Tessa’s birthday day. So after the Office and 30 Rock (a show I’m going to get back in to again) I got Subway and we went next door to hang out with the girls. They’re fun. Basically the situation was Andrew and I sitting around having a beer with six girls drunk on wine. So while I sat there eating my Subway, the girls decided to play Never Have I Ever…that game is funny, but way too awkward. You learn too much too quickly about people you just shouldn’t know things about. For example, we learned about one of our friend’s experiences with having sex AT a wedding reception AT a table….that’s just part. It got a LOT more graphic and detailed as the stories kept going.
If there’s a point to this, I guess it’s don’t play NHIE.

Ok… I’m going to bed. Easy weekend ahead.
I’m totally melting into my bed right now with Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here album.

Love, cola-the Coca kind, Mount Gay Rum and the Solo from Shine On You Crazy Diamond 2



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