Wake up for your crappy life

I’m sitting in a computer lab I’ve never worked in before.
I’m listening to Slow Cheetah by the Red Hot Chili Peppers and I’m singing along, tapping my feet and groovin’ to the song.
I do this often with my music is just about every situation..driving, sitting somewhere (like the lab right now) or just walking to class. I sing along.
If I like the music, why would I hide it? If someone sees me singing along, who cares? Chances are I’ll never see them again, or I’ll only see them walking to class. If I DO know the person, then they should know this about me. “Who’s that douche singing to his music? Oh, it’s Nate.”

Anyways, I just remembered I have to prepare something for a presentation I was asked to do. I think I may have already mentioned this before, if not, here I go again… I’m giving a presentation to a bunch of high school kids about why they should go to Eau Claire and study Journalism of the print genre. So I’m going to throw together some quick powerpoints and not practice what I’m going to say, hoping my charm will win them over. Hahaha. Nate, you’re so funnyyyyy!

So, today’s sucked. Nuff said. Yeah, nuff!
I woke up 5 minutes AFTER I was supposed to be at work, I swore and threw on the clothes I wore yesterday because they were on my chair and the closest stuff to me. I poked my contacts in my eyes and threw on a hat to hide my nasty hair and jumped in the car. It didn’t really snow here, so I didn’t have to scrape off my car or anything. So after yelling at kids more than I usually do and telling five kids to move their sticks to yellow (this is a warning before they move to red [it’s a stoplight system] and are written up by me), I came home to sleep more. I couldn’t sleep. Awesome. How much sense does that make?

Classes were dumb. My news editing and design class is mostly a joke. It would be really good and helpful if I didn’t work for the paper though. But since I do, I just sit their and my teacher says, “that looks good, you seem to have this down.” After dropping in to me, he walks around and tells other people who don’t also work at the paper what to do and point them towards me and what I’m working on. Ego boost, anyone?
Classes and wasted time..blah blah..I watched the end of Batman Returns! haha… The old batman movies are SOOOOOOO BAAAAAAAAD!!!!! It’s unbelievable!

Ugh! I’m TIRED! And now I’m on the verge of throwing up all over my hands and this keyboard. I made some quesadillas for dinner… sounds good enough, right? Wrong! Not when you get your stuff from Aldi! I swear, Mom, if I ever hear you talk about that place again, I’ll smash whatever you have in your hands. And if you’re holding something, I’ll pour milk on the floor or something. UGH! I feel like crap. I didn’t even eat that much, so it’s not one of those, “I’m so full I wanna puke” things.

So what I’m trying to say, in general, is that I woke up late for a crappy day.
“Good morning, Nathan, time to get up late for your sucky life!”


Ok, time to actually work on this stuff for the kids…


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  1. Sarah Jean

    I hate Aldi. My mom thinks it’s the dollar store for food….cheese = wax. I’m sorry you got sick from Aldi.

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