I miss writing…

I really do.
Well, if you read this last year or randomly over the summer, you may have seen this.
But I just accidentally came across it again and decided to post it again..
Why? Because I like it and it was the best thing to come out of the writing class I had with Lisa.

“Hey Buddy, Got A Light?”

I’m a Glade candle that won’t burn
smooth and small and waxy and worthless

but might look nice on a desk somewhere
and smell like the resurrection of Jesus if lit

so breathe me like the smoke you hate the smell of
and I’ll pop your red-balloon insecurities

pop and use them
the way I’ve tasted those cherry flavored Tootsie Pops before you

home is where the heart is
or whose bed I’ve just wasted time in

but the cricket song drive home speaks honestly
I’m a boy who needs a nightlight still

my heart is buried somewhere in Oregon’s Black Butte Mountains
in an armless lounge chair picking love songs to my brunette

the soulful pine trees of hope sway slightly
as I’m haunted by that phrase “necesito tener…”

the pastor’s middle son Nathan
throws rocks at God for allowing free will

but this 22 year metamorphosis isn’t over yet
and my matches are being struck and lit

now I’ll wait for the woman who plays
arpeggios across my heart and spine

through grace and common faith
we’ll throw ourselves into the flames

intimacy is yellow abstract art
and smells of rain and hydrangeas

so as my wick burns unharmed and bright in the wind
I sit in that armless lounge chair picking love songs


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