Captain Planet, Thomas the Train and silly girls

Halloween was fun enough.
Two things were fun:

  1. All of us, the guys, neighbors and a few other close friends spent the evening together. We had fun playing games and dancing the night away.
  2. Even though I HAAAATE the bars most of the time and hate lines and such, it was fine. We saw tons of great costumes. The costumes made up for everything. If and most certainly when I got annoyed, I just looked around. Just by turning your head slightly, you would see an entirely different scene and array of people/things. Captain Planet was a highlight. That’s the 2nd captain I’ve seen lately. *Jim Gaffigan joke* It’s very true. Girls will take ANYTHING and make it slutty somehow on Halloween. A slutty cop, pirate, nun, vampire, dancer, trampeeze performer, bee, kitten, racecar; it doesn’t matter what it is

The first song to play when I hit shuffle is Not Myself by John Mayer… Meh, it’s not my favorite song by him, but it’s good enough right now.

Well, I need to write that huge autism article tonight. Sweet!
Pray for me.


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