Captain America!

While we all know I am and I will, of course, admit to being a huge nerd, this is not totally about me being one.
I saw and talked to Captain America today!
He was with Thor!

I was walking back from class when I ran into them. I was walking on the footbridge with my ear buds in and staring down the river like I always do. There’s something peaceful and fulfilling for me in staring down the river. I looked turned my head back towards the bridge and 10 feet in front of me were Captain America and Thor. Naturally, I pressed the Pause button on my iPod to let all of my senses soak in the scene. They were smiling as we walked towards each other. I double-checked what I thought the date was and when I thought Halloween was…”It’s on Friday, right? Yeah, it is..I think so. Yes, these guys are just being goofy.” I’m sure I had a smirking quizzical look on my face, as did, I’m assuming, everyone who saw them walking by them. Captain America asked me, “Hey, do you want $100?” I was smiling and doing that exhale laugh thing that I do while I said, “Uhhh, yeah, that’d be nice.” Instead of giving me the $100 he implied on giving me when he asked, he gave me something else! he gave me a little white piece of paper that said, “HELP elect Barack Obama – Earn $100 to help elect Obama!” It had a phone number and some other garbage on it. What a prick! First, he has the nerve to approach me in a silly, homoerotic suit… which I suppose I respect, if I had that suit, I would do stuff in it too. Second, he asked me a question to which is an obvious yes, implying generosity aimed directly at me. Third, he gave me something to throw away. I HAAAATE people giving me crap on campus. Some comedian has a joke about it… These people are basically handing people pieces of paper, and regardless of what their cause is or who/what they are supporting, they are saying, “Here. Please throw this away for me. I have too many and I’m too much of a tool to just trash them myself, so I stand out here in the cold with no gloves handing this crap out to students kind enough to give me eye contact.” Fourth, and worst of all, he gave me this garbage encouraging me to vote for Obama. The cheeky bastard! ….Props to Nate for cursing about someone using English slang…. Kudos….

However, before I looked in my hand to notice and gasp about ANOTHER Obama campaign, I asked where they got their suits. Thor responded, “I got mine from him,” pointing his hammer at Captain America. The honorable CA didn’t respond to that question…something I noticed and was offended by. Why the hell didn’t he answer me? I was/AM interested! He just said, “We’re trying to help America.”
HahaOk, Captain, you go right ahead and “help” America by electing Obama. Do that. Let me know how that turns out.

…….I had more of a story after that about stuff completely different…. but I can’t remember.
I’ve been listening randomly to She & Him and I just downloaded the new Snow Patrol cd.. Meh, a couple ok songs. Nothing award winning or radio worthy to me.

Peace, love, 5-year-old’s drawing of Puppy, You, and MEEEEEEEEE…and that’s a T-Rex eating a car!


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